Building for a Bitcoin Standard.


The essential interface for your Core Lightning node.


The accountancy suite for Bitcoin financial management.

Guiding Principles


We build technology to improve your Bitcoin experience while you keep full control of your sats.

Bitcoin Only

Built by Bitcoiners who are passionate about improving the usability of Bitcoin.


Privacy is a priority, with no logging, tracking, or Google scripts utilized anywhere in our tech stack.

Local Data Storage

All transaction data is stored locally on your device and never leaves unless you want it to.

Fully Open-Source

All client-side application code is public. Anyone can verify it and we welcome feedback.

Flexible Access

Native desktop apps for your home devices and browser-based app for when you're on the move.

A Note from Us


We're Aaron and John, a couple of musicians turned software engineers who took the orange pill, and like so many others, we couldn't think of anything else. Thanks to Bitcoin, we're not just excited about the future – we're on a mission to shape it.

Inspired by the optimism and talent found in this community, we decided to use our skills to build Clams. Why stop at having the best money? We also need the best tools to help Bitcoiners manage their finances in a self-sovereign way.

We are committed to keeping the app accessible to as many people as possible, which is why our core features will always be free. To ensure the long-term sustainability and continuous improvement of Clams, we're exploring options for paid add-on services. By choosing these premium offerings, you'll not only support the project but also unlock even more powerful tools to bring you closer to life on a Bitcoin Standard. More details on that soon.

We are our first customers, and we hope you will join us.

Cheers, Aaron & John

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