All of your Lightning channels, all in one place.


The dedicated channels dashboard offers a range of monitoring capabilities, allowing you to supervise each channel opened across all your connected lightning nodes.

Visual representations of your inbound and outbound liquidity make it easy to assess the health of your channels at a glance. The available filter options provide a means to gain deeper insights.

For example, if you encounter difficulties in receiving payments through one of your CLN nodes, you can diagnose and address issues by filtering your channels by wallet and focusing on assessing your inbound liquidity. During this process, you might discover that your inbound liquidity is sufficient, but certain channels are experiencing failures. Identifying such issues enables you to promptly take appropriate corrective actions.


Clean UI

Get a clear view of your inbound and outbound liquidity for every channel with our intuitive visual representation

Open Channels

Either scan the connection details or paste them

Filter / Sort Options

Toggle between viewing node-specific channels or see them all at once for flexible management

Fee Management

Options to update each channels fee settings

Channel Status

Easily check the status of each channel with a quick glance